Broken Art Tattoo opened its doors in August of 2005. I looked all over Los Angeles to find a spot that suited me. When I walked into the dirty, grimy basement at 2400 Hyperion...I thought...this place has potential. So I signed the lease and started the build-out. The work from B.A.T. permeated throughout the city, and the hidden shop in Silver Lake quickly earned one of the best reputations in L.A. I worked tirelessly...60 hour weeks...for years. The more work I put out on the street, the more people would see and talk about Broken Art Tattoo. Since the early days in 2005, the finest tattoo artist in the city have emerged from the basement. The tireless work ethics have remained as the Broken Art family continues to bring the finest tattoos to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond. Our clientele has spanned the entire globe as people from all over the world have built their vacations around getting tattooed at B.A.T. The shop continues to flourish with artistic unrest. Continually pushing ourselves to never give up...the never ending pursuit of ART.